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The Gold Glove Sucks
I think the term Gold Glove is a misnomer. Shouldn’t the glove be something soft, something light, something that eats up balls? Gold is hard.

Furthermore, fielding is about more than just the glove. Fielding is about the arm. What is the role of the glove when Ichiro Suzuki grabs a routine ground ball and fires a shot with his rifle arm at home plate to nab the runner trying to score? Fielding is about the feet? One of the most iconic fielding plays is Willie Mays running out to deep center field in the Polo Grounds and making an over-the-shoulder catch. The catch wasn’t really the greatest thing about that play. It was the fact that Mays was even in a position to make the catch. He traveled a mile to even make it there.

Finally, the Gold Glove is awarded somewhat arbitrarily without much of a standard. That’s why Derek Jeter has won 5 Gold Gloves, even though almost everyone is in agreement that he has one of the most limited range among shortstops in the last quarter century. He has possibly deserved one, maybe two of his Gold Gloves. And this isn’t just my bias against the Yankees. I’m also upset that Scott Rolen just won his 7th Gold Glove. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve any of them… it’s that he didn’t deserve this latest one, at the least.

My Own Fielding Awards
I love that The Fielding Bible has created their own award, but that only goes back to 2007. Therefore, I decided to create my own fielding award. I know that all 10 of you sports readers are ecstatic about this. Obviously, there will be some subjectivity to this, but I want to explain my standards as much as possible so that you can hold me accountable to my picks. I will take these picks as far back as possible. These awards will be given out based on standard statistics (such as fielding percentage, putouts, errors), sabermetrics statistics (UZR, range factor, arm factor), and oh-my-gosh-did-he-just-do-that (such as Web Gems). It will be called “The Fancy Fielder.”

Also, there will be a second award called “The E6” in honor of Derek Jeter for the worst fielder in each position for each league.

Up Next
Next, I will be unveiling The Fancy Feilder and The E6 awards of the past decade (from 2000-2009).


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One response to “Fielding Awards Part I

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  1. I have to say, I am always complaining that baseball players are lazy. They’re lazy when they run for first, and they’re lazy when they catch. Granted, errors can happen, but sometimes I’m just like, what. you could have turned the glove around and caught that but you were lazy!

    anyway. just wanted to affirm the running part of fielding. also agree that the arm should be a shotgun.


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