Steps to Fix the Dodgers (Part II)   Leave a comment

Here is my second step; I think many people will disagree with me. Trade Andre Ethier. He is undoubtedly one of the top-5 offensive RFers in baseball, but he is also the worst defensive outfielder. People will look at Ethier’s fielding percentage and tell me that Ethier is, at least, a solid defender. However, fielding percentage doesn’t show the fact that Ethier reaches fewer balls than most others, and his arm does not help him out, either. All in all, Ethier is perceived as a top-5 RFer, but he is really a mid to below-mid RFer.

There are two potential routes in trading Ethier. Trade Ethier for an “equivalent” major league RFer or trade Ethier for prospects.

Major Leaguers
– Ethier to the Cleveland Indians for Shin Soo Choo.
– Ethier to the Baltimore Orioles for Nick Markasis.
– Ethier to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Justin Upton.

Minor Leaguers
– Ethier to the New York Yankees for Jesus Montero (C) and Hector Noesi (P) OR  Manuel Banuelos (P), Hector Noesi (P), and Adam Warren (P).
– Ethier and a minor leaguer to the Washington Nationals for Tom Milone (P), Danny Espinosa (SS), and Chris Marrero (1B).
– Ethier to the Toronto Blue Jays for Travis Snider (OF), Darin Mastroianni (OF), and Eric Thames (OF).
– Ethier to the Baltimore Orioles for Brian Matusz (P), Brandon Erbe (P), and Ryan Adams (2B).


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