Complaining: Our Heart’s Rebellious Cry Against God’s Sovereignty   Leave a comment

Over the past couple of days, I’ve given some thought to the sovereignty of God in my life and in our lives. I made a road trip throughout the south this weekend, making stops at Memphis and Little Rock on my way to Dallas to make it to a friend’s wedding. (Congrats Monica and Jonathan, though y’all prolly somewhere in Hong Kong right about now.)

During my trip, aside from attending my friend’s wedding, there were two things I wanted to get done. First, I wanted to study. I’m currently in summer school, and my course load is a lot tougher than I had anticipated. Second, I wanted to visit The Village Church to hear Matt Chandler preach live. If you have never heard Chandler, I’ve linked some excerpts here and here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do much of either. I left my power cord at home, so I had to buy a power cord for $100. Ouch! And, yet, I didn’t get much studying done. Then, I woke up late on Sunday morning, so I couldn’t make it to The Village Church.

Instead, I went with my old roommate to the church he was attending in Dallas, Grace Bible Church. (Supposedly, this is only one of many churches in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area named as such.) There, the pastor preached a powerful sermon, of which one line stood out to me most poignantly: “If we know that God is in control, why do we complain like the rest of the world?”

That line clearly pointed out what was stirring in my heart in small, but clear, ways. It brought me to think of the sovereignty of God, and my sin in complaining against His sovereign working in my daily activities. I know that God is sovereign even over my forgetfulness in not packing my charger, yet I complain. I know that God is sovereign in my inability to wake up Sunday morning so that I couldn’t hear Chandler, yet I complain. My heart even whined when my flight was delayed by an hour in Houston.

Yet, what reason do I have to complain? What reason do I have in shaking the fist of my heart at God for not doing things according to my plans or, at least, doing things in a way that would inconvenience me a little less?

This morning, I was reminded of the goodness of God’s sovereignty. I was reminded that though we might see certain things as bad when we go through them, God never fails to show us His goodness when we look back in hindsight.

I was reminded of Romans 8:28:

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

It is the sovereignty of God that uses those bad situations, those complaint-worthy situations, in our lives to humble us and to draw us to Him. It was His purpose to use that to call us, as is explained in Romans 8:29-30, and it is His purpose to continue using those complaint-worthy (but not justified) situations to humble us and to draw us closer to Him.


A short response to Peter Hahn: For those of you who read this blog through my Facebook account, I first want to say thank you for reading. I’m humbled that anyone besides Mike Ling actually reads this blog. Second, I want to say that when I “like” my own posts, I’m not “liking” what I write, but I’m “liking” the fact that others like it. 🙂 Again, to all of you who read… thanks for reading, and please post comments to say “hi.”


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