John Wooden: I’m Not Afraid to Die   2 comments

The following is a poem about death and love by John Wooden (the words may not all be correct; I tried my best to try to get exactly what he said):

Once I was afraid of dying
Terrified at ever lying
Petrified at leaving family home, and friend
Loss of innocence from my dear ones brought a melancholy tear once
And a dreadful, dreadful feeling on when life ends.
But those days are  long behind me
Fear of leaving does not bind me
And departure does not hold a single care.
Peace has comfort as I ponder
A reunion in the yonder
With my dearest one who is waiting for me there.


The thing that will get me about Coach is that there will be others who will go on to win 10 championships. Heck, Phil Jackson has won 10 NBA Championships. But the thing that separate Coach from so many others if his focus on relationships. He truly loved his players. He was a man of genuine love and enduring love. And we get a glimpse into what kind of coach he was by the relationship he had to his dearest Nell, even 25 years after her death. Coach is once again united with her and, together, they will for all of eternity find joy and pleasure and peace before their greatest love… their Lord. Coach, you will be missed, and I hope your life lessons will not soon be forgotten.


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2 responses to “John Wooden: I’m Not Afraid to Die

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  1. I loved his poem; a couple corrections if you don’t mind: 1) He said….loss of absence. 2) of when life ends. Other than that you did great! Didn’t really want to be critical, but his plemon was beautiful! Smile….God loves you!

  2. Need to correct auto correction….poem was the word outer misspelled

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