From Russia With Love: Mikhail Prokorov And His Nyets Takes Over The World   1 comment

(For those of you who have only recently begun reading this blog, I will occasionally write about sports. Hope you like it…)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mikhail Prokorov and his recent purchase of the New Jersey Nets (hereafter referred to as the “Nyets” to appeal to the Russian audience), here is a primer by Bill Simmons. (Bill… I bought your book and plug your articles. What have you done for me, lately? Plug my blog! ^___^ )

I really have nothing to add to what Simmons wrote, but I just wanted to put out my prediction for how the Nets will look in 2012, when they become the Brooklyn __________ (fill in name of Prokorov’s latest girlfriend… he actually suggested that for his team name). I wanted to put it out there so that in 2012, I can say, “I saw this coming. Read my blog post two years ago.” Besides, I’ve always had a little if-I-can-be-general-manager-for-a-season-in-the-NBA-or-MLB-I-can-do-better-than-half-the-guys-out-there in me.

C–Brook Lopez (7-0, 265): Brook, in his fourth year, will solidify himself as a formidable center. In his most recent season, he put up 18.8 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 1.7 blocks. Look for him to consistently put up at least 18, 8  and 1.5 for many years to come. He’ll also be relatively cheap because, as a fourth-year, he’s still under the rookie salary scale, so he should be making somewhere between $4-6 million. Not too shabby for a perennial All-Star game backup to Dwight Howard.

PF–Derrick Favors (6-10, 245): I believe the Nets will pick Favors with the third pick, unless the first two teams are dumb and don’t snatch up Wall and Turner. I think I would take Favors, too, who only slightly inches ahead of Wesley Johnson because of need. I’m not generally a guy who would advocate drafting for need rather than choosing the best player, but I think Favors would really be the better fit, would fill a greater hole for the Nets, and can be almost as valuable as Johnson. Favors has sick athleticism and is really long. He can develop a more solid mid-range game later on, but for now… his length and athleticism will suffice. In 2012, he will be a making about $4-5 million. I can see him getting 10-12 points a night off of alley-oops and put-backs alone, as well as pulling down about 7-9 rebounds, especially with the defense focusing on Lopez.

SF- Carmelo Anthony (6-8, 230): LeBron is not going to NJ. There is no way he’s going to be in basketball purgatory for two years just so he can hang out with Jay Z. I’m thinking it’s going to be Chicago because, if LeBron doesn’t care enough about forging his own legacy to use Jordan’s number, he won’t care too much if he has to stand on Jordan’s shoulders in Chicago. But, Carmelo… the Brooklyn ______ are perfect for him. He wants to market himself, and Denver is not the place for him. Especially in a couple of years when Chauncey Billups is too old to be a good number 2 for him. I think he jumps at the chance in 2011 to sign a max deal with Brooklyn/New Jersey. He gets to play in the largest market in the NBA, for a team with a solid nucleus, and an opportunity to be a winner. This will be a no-brainer for Prokorov. Melo is marketable, especially because he brings with him associations with Jordan. (He’s the first guy to sign with the Jordan brand back when he entered the league.) Jordan is known throughout the world and with Melo playing for Prokorov, he can be in the Kobe-LeBron echelon. Basketball-wise, he’s going to put up anywhere between 25-30 points and pull down about 6-7 rebounds. Dude’s a stud! Look for Melo to get whatever the max contract is… probably about $15-20 million a year for however long.

SG- OJ Mayo (6-4, 210): Rather than losing the rights to Mayo after he finishes his fourth season, the Grizzlies will trade him for a mixture of draft picks and the expiring albatross contract of Bobby Simmons (about $13 million off the books). Mayo, on a playoff team, can be a solid 15 point guy. Does this seem far-fetched? No more far-fetched than giving Pau Gasol away for his fat little brother, Marc. (Marc, however, has turned out to be a pretty good center. I was pretty confident he’d blossom, once given the opportunity, and I’m glad he’s turning out to be a pretty solid center.)

PG- Devin Harris (6-3, 190): Prokorov is all about buying low. In 08-09, Harris was thought to be a near-max guy, a point guard who put up 21 points and 7 assists a night. Then, injuries derailed his scoring and showed him for what he really was. A guard with good penetration and speed, but a suspect jumper and shot selection. However, when he was a star-laden team (the Dallas Mavericks), his shooting percentages were much higher, showing that he knows how to rein in his shot selection when he has talent around him. I think signing Harris to what he’s making now, about $8 million a year, would be a pretty good deal.

PF- Yi Jianlian (7-0, 250): Yi is going to be good. Mark my words!

SF- Chris Douglas Roberts (6-7, 210): CDR gots skills. Good role player.

PG- Jeremy Lin (6-3, 200): I hope he gets a chance to play in the NBA. 🙂


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  1. I don’t know why you’re overrating Wes Johnson so much. I think he’ll be a very good role player in the nba but I don’t think there’s a single talent evaluator out there who would have Wes Johnson even close to Derrick Favors. On top of that, Favors is the better need pick as well. Johnson is long, athletic and a good shooter but he can’t create his own shot and he’s 23 and still hasn’t developed his offensive game so I don’t see the upside of other forwards in the draft. After the consensus top 4 of wall, turner, cousins and favors, my fav player is Epde Udoh. I really like him! Oh and by the way, I think the Nets are getting Turner. I’m not saying Cousins or Favors is better. I think Turner’s better than Brandon Roy. I’m just saying, Philly is just dumb enough to say, we have Iguodala and Holliday, we need a big.

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