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I got the chance to sit in on the Albert Mohler Radio Program yesterday. I was in the production room while Dr. Mohler was doing his thing on the radio. (BTW… he talks on the radio the way he preaches… with arm movements and all.) I wasn’t planning on staying for the whole show because I had to go study. So, during one of the commercial breaks, my friends and I tried to leave discreetly. Dr. Mohler stopped his preparation during the commercial break to call us back and talk to us. I was so taken aback by his gracious hospitality and his kind and welcoming demeanor that I called him “Al.” I don’t think he thought anything of it… I hope. And, I was so taken aback that I forgot to get him to sign a baseball for me. Oh well, another time, I guess.

If you’ve never done so, you can check out some of Dr. Mohler’s regular blogs and radio broadcasts on It’s amazing to see him accent the theological underpinnings behind seemingly worldly issues. So thankful for the mind and the heart of that man. People always talk about the brilliance of his mind, but, in my interactions with people at Southern Seminary, they speak of the kindness of his heart.


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