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Most of the sermons are now available for download, so I won’t waste your time with more recaps. After all, why read my summaries of these sermons when you can get a taste of the sermons yourself. One of the videos I recommend is R.C. Sproul’s sermon; while I think all of the sermons were clear and convicting and poignant, it is always a powerful thing when a pastor who has been faithful for decades (5, in the case of Dr. Sproul) looks back on his ministry.

I thought, instead of giving a recap, I’d just give a few thoughts on the conference in general. I’m not too sure whether it’ll make complete sense, because my brain is pretty fried from an overload of awesomeness. Hopefully, it’ll bless some of you and encourage some of you to come to T4G 2012.

– In T4G 2008, Dr. Piper preached on going out from your life of comfort and outside the camp, a reference to Hebrews 11. (Mucho thanks to Howard for the reminder.) This man took Piper’s message to heart, and he missed T4G 2010 because he had moved his family to Indonesia to proclaim Christ in the largest Muslim country in the world. It was an encouraging example considering that this a gathering of mostly pastors, of people who have been called into the ministry. Yet, the Lord used this conference for him, and I’m sure for others as well, to re-direct their ministerial calling. This is not only a time when ministers are encouraged and fed and rejuvenated, but a time when ministers are called into the ministry and re-called into a new ministerial direction.

– The fellowship with my brothers in Christ, some of whom I’ve never met and some of whom I’ll never see until glory, has been truly sweet. I’ve talked to random men at the conference, from lay people to youth pastors to senior pastors, and I’ve come out encouraged and edified in men who I’ll see again in glory. I’ve also had time to hang out with my roommate’s brother-in-law and the rest of his church staff. It was really cool to get to talk to an entire church staff as they are starting off at a church together, to see their challenges, their genuine love for one another and for their flock, and their hearts to learn to better steward the flock and the ministry God’s given them. Also, I spent time with my pastors and with my brothers, Jason and Howard. (If you’re on my Facebook, you can check out some of the pictures. Some are good… some are awkward… very awkward.)

– Please pray for Matt Chandler. Pray for healing to his brain, for comfort for his family, for the salvation of his two children (who are both under the age of 7), and for a full and faithful ministry (whether it be 5 more month,  5 more years, or 50 more years). For those of you who don’t know about Matt Chandler, he’s the senior pastor at The Village Church outside of Dallas, TX. He was diagnosed with brain cancer this past Thanksgiving. You can find plenty of videos on him on youtube, and you’ll be greatly encouraged by his trust in the sovereignty of God in the face of death.

– After singing with these men (and some women), I am so excited to sing with them all in glory. That’s gonna be SICK!!! Marantha, come Lord Jesus.


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