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I am going to try to post some brief notes from each of the sessions at the Together for the Gospel 2010 Conference. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Unadjusted Gospel.” (These will be just brief notes that, I hope, will merely whet your appetite to listen to the sermons yourselves when they are available online. Whether you’re a pastor or a lay person, these will bless your soul.)

Dever, speaking on Ephesians 3:10, preached a sermon entitled “How Does Your Church Make The Gospel Visible?” The main part of Eph 3:10 states that the “manifest wisdom of God [will] now be made known” through the church. Mark had four main points regarding the purpose of the church is spreading the gospel message.

1) Consider God, and how His nature and character are to be displayed in the church
God’s holiness, His love, and His authority are on display through the local church. On the holiness of God, Dever stated, “Distinct lives point to a distinct God. The lives of the members of our congregation should point to the holiness of God.” And he also preached on how the love of God and the authority of God are not in conflict, especially because the authority of God is gentle, caring, and patient.

2) The local church is intended to tell us the truth about human beings
The local church should be a place where humility, due to a correct understanding of our depravity, is on display. The local church should not be a place where people who have it all together gather to talk about their own righteousness, but it should be a place where people recognize their sinfulness and regularly practice confessing their sins to one another to ask for forgiveness.

3) Our church should make visible our Savior, Jesus Christ
Dever stated this point very clearly and succinctly in one portion of his sermon: “We have been loved in the most extraordinary way. Our local church is supposed to be a picture of that kind of love that confuses the categories of love to those around us.”

4) Local churches should teach and model a right response to the gospel
The local church should regularly be examples of repentance and of faith.

“Jesus’ evangelism plan is the local church… Help your church be a better church. Help your church be built on the Word… Our churches are meant to be the proof of the gospel… The church is important because it is tied to the Good News itself… It’s what the gospel looks like when its played out in the lives of its people.”–Dever

(The others will be up tomorrow because it’s 2 AM and I’m kinda tired now. Hope you are blessed by this short taste of Dever’s provocative and encouraging message.)


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