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Fickle and feral fans of
Fame and honor and celebrity,
Didst celebrate the coming Messiah
With coats and branches from nearby trees.

“Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest!”
They did follow and shout.
But the triumphant praise did not last
No, they’d soon want Him out.

And now He hangs upon a tree
So limp and so weak, my heart does break
But when I look upon His change of fortunes
I see, my hands, this did create.

For it was I who mocked Him,
And beat Him, and tore His clothes,
It was I who hit Him and slapped Him,
And scoffed at His throne.

For it was I who called for Barabas,
And cried out for blood.
And it was I who nailed Him
On a tree marked out for love.

And now He is thirsting for drink,
And breathing His last breath.
His lungs are burning for air;
He will soon face His death.

A death undeserved,
One most unfair.
For He lived for one goal,
Showing  His mercy and care.

His hour has now come,
O God on that tree.
He was crushed and He bled,
He died to win Thee.

Your life is redeemed
If you’d just turn from your sin,
Die to your pride,
And follow after Him.

There was a great reason
Why Christ died on that tree,
Why He suffered and bled…
He did it for me.


Posted April 2, 2010 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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