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Stephen recounts the faithfulness of God throughout the history of the Jewish nation and the Jew’s constant rebellion against Him. Although the main thing Stephen was trying to show was that these people were “stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears,” there was something else I was struck with… the faithfulness of God throughout history. Because, Stephen’s martyrdom under the hands of Saul would be tied in to Saul’s eventual conversion to Paul, and the gospel of Jesus Christ was spread throughout the Gentile nations.

This past Sunday, CJ Mahaney (one of the founding pastors of my church, Covenant Life Church) spoke on Jude. And one of the things that stood out was again the faithfulness of God in calling His people to Himself. And God uses great men of faith who are known throughout history, such as Abraham and Joseph and Moses and David. But there were so many others in between that God used to set up the lives of these men. For CJ, it was his former pot-head friend who came to speak the gospel to him just weeks after giving his life to Christ. And the fruit of that act of faith has been amazing. For those of you who don’t know of CJ’s ministry, I want to give a short summary (not for building up CJ, but to show the faithful work of God):

– He is the founding pastor of Covenant Life Church and is currently the President of Sovereign Grace Ministries.
– He has overseen the planting of over 60 churches in America and over a dozen churches around the world.
– He has spoken at numerous conferences (Together for the Gospel, NEXT, Resolved, etc.) and has been the voice and the heart that has drawn hundreds and thousands to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

And, for all of you who have a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus, you can look back and think about the amazing faithfulness of God in sovereignly bringing you to a repentant faith. Here’s a short look back into some highlights to my conversion:

– In 1884, Henry Appenzeller and Horace Underwood became the first Protestant missionaries to Korea.
– In 1887, John Ross translated the Bible into Korean.

– During the Great Depression in the United States, Congress passed the US Housing Act.

– In 1954, my grandparents had a love child, their 11th. Seeing as how my grandmother was in her 40’s when she gave birth to my mom, she was born with several health complications. There were confusions with her birth records which I won’t get into, but it played a role in her getting to America.
– Around a decade later, my grandfather passed away.
– During the 70’s, my mom sold all that she had and moved to Hawaii in order to get under the purview of the American healthcare system to care for her rapidly failing liver.

– The US Housing Act was amended in 1974 and “Section 8” was created to allow for subsidized housing for low-income families.
– When she moved to Los Angeles, she met my father, and they had me.
– In 1993, my mom made it to the front of the transplant donor list, and she had her liver transplant. She subsequently fell into a coma for three months, and my father left us for his previous wife in Korea.
– When my mom was brought out of her coma through the miraculous hands of God, I spent much of my childhood taking care of her and assuming adult responsibilities. I gave myself numerous pats on the back.
– I went to Berendo Middle School in Los Angeles, where I was one of the only Asian males attending a school that was predominately Hispanic is a city where Mexicans and Koreans didn’t have the greatest of relationships. After a few months, my mom decided that I would not last at that school and we found government-subsidized housing in South Pasadena, CA.
– During these years, my mom forced me to go to church and I hated it, but faked it pretty well to those around me.
– I didn’t study much in high school, but I somehow made it in to UCLA (even though I had my heart set on going to USC). I also thought of going to an Ivy League school in the East Coast, but my laziness with studying caught up to me and I forgot to turn in my Ivy applications.

– UCLA placed students in dorm rooms at random, and somehow my roommate was Nate, a guy I went to high school with.
– In the first day in the dorms, I was bored and there were no parties to attend during the day, so Nate and I went around to try to score free food. Somehow, we volunteered to host a weekly freshman Bible study in our dorm room.
– John, my Bible study leader, kept on telling me the gospel, even though I already thought I knew it. In the last few months of 2003, God used one of these repetitive moments to pierce my heart and open my eyes to see that I was a sinner deserving of wrath. God showed me that my righteousness of being smart and being a 효자 (which is like being an “honorable child”) meant nothing, and that I could only cling to the righteousness of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.
– My salvation in 2003 at UCLA has now brought me to Wheaton, MD.

So, God used the first Protestant translation of the Bible, the Great Depression, my mom’s liver failure, and my rejection from USC to bring me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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