Top Free Agents on My Christmas List for the Dodgers   Leave a comment

1. Randy Wolf, LHP

2. Ben Sheets, RHP

3. Rich Harden, RHP

4. Erik Bedard, LHP

5. Pedro Martinez, RHP

If he’s available: Ryota Igarashi, RHP

Yes, I know that these are all pitchers, but that’s what the Dodgers need, pitching. The thing is, the Dodgers two best pitchers (Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley) will not eat up innings. There is no way the two of them will be able to get more than 400 innings because they aren’t effective pitch-count pitchers, and they walk a lot of people (although Kershaw seems to rarely give up a hit). Why do the Dodgers need to follow protocol and go for a 5-man rotation? Why can’t they go for a 5.5-man rotation? Give their first three starters the regular work, about 30-35 starts, and give the last two rotation spots to three pitchers who can each get 20-25 starts. Here’s what it could look like…

LHP- Clayton Kershaw

RHP- Chad Billingsley

RHP- Hiroki Kuroda

4 and 5 starters- Rich Harden/Ben Sheets/Erik Bedard or Pedro Martinez

Each of them have a history of injury or are too old to throw 180 innings. So… why not minimize their work load and pitch three of them 120 innings. Give Pedro an extra month at the start of the season to relax and get into the groove of things. Give Harden an extra two weeks at the All-Star break to heal his arm. Give Bedard and Sheets every fourth start off. It can work!


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