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For whatever it’s worth… here’s my Gold Glove choices, as opposed to the actual picks. I’m starting with the NL first because they always get shafted by the media. (Note: there will not be any explanations, but know that my numbers are heavily influenced by a range of defense statistics that measure range, arm strength, and consistency. Also, they will be influenced in a small part by HOLY-CRAP-DID-HE-JUST-MAKE-THAT-PLAY plays.)

National League

P- Adam Wainwright (Actual: Wainwright)

C- Yadier Molina, with an honorable mention for Russell Martin (Molina)

Glove? I don't need no stinkin' glove.

1B- Albert Pujols (Adrian Gonzalez)

2B- Chase Utley (Orlando Hudson)

Boy got hops... for a white guy.

3B- Ryan Zimmerman (Zimmerman)

Zimmerman really wanted to win that Web Gem crown.

SS- Troy Tulowitzki (Jimmy Rollins)

OF- Matt Kemp (Kemp)

I don't even care about his defense... cuz Kemp will eventually be a .300 hitter with 30 HR, 100 RBI, 100 R, and 30 SB. I guarantee it.

OF- Michael Bourn (Bourn)

OF- Jayson Werth, with an honorable mention for Nyger Morgan (Victorino)

American League

P- Mark Buehrle (ACTUAL: Buehrle)

C- Gerald Laird (Joe Mauer)

Dude protects the plate.

1B- Kendry Morales (Mark Teixeira)

2B- Placido Polanco (Polanco)

3B- Evan Longoria (Longoria)

SS- Elvis Andrus (Derek Jeter)

Elvis and Dork Elvis work in sports in the same state.

OF- Franklin Gutierrez (Torii Hunter)

Gutierrez is a former Dodger.

OF- B.J. Upton (Adam Jones)

OF- Nelson Cruz (Ichiro Suzuki)


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