Cable is a Cruel Mistress   Leave a comment

(This was originally a post I made in 2006 after my apartment lost our cable. We were heartbroken, but Adelphia is the name of our cable service… not a person. I’m not murderous, just stupid.)

“Cable is a Cruel Mistress” by Mitchell Kim
As I looked into your eyes,
My heart pounded in my chest.
While others were good,
You truly were the best.
You consoled me at night,
And by day you were my rest.
I would stare at you daily,
Your sweet voice was my nest.
You counseled my days,
Made me forget Peter the Pest.
Now I pour out my heart to you,
My feelings won’t just sit and fest-er.
Why did you leave me?
Is this some sick test?
But now that you’re gone,
Baby, I must protest.
My world has been shaken,
And I am filled with unrest.
My drink I can’t swallow,
And my food I can’t digest.
Please come back to me, Adelphia,
And I’ll hold you by my breast.
Just come back to me,
Come back to me, lest
My heart should shatter,
And my life be so stressed.
I did not cherish our time,
With you I was blessed.
But you left me to suffer,
Peter and I are so depressed,
Adelphia, you suck!
I do detest.
My heart you possessed,
With you I was obsessed,
But now I’m gonna suggest,
That you never come into my life again,
Or else you’re gonna need a bullet-proof vest.
I don’t need you anymore, Adelphia!
I see what you can do to a happy home.
So you are now an unwelcomed guest.


Posted October 12, 2009 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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