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“In order to come to the Scriptures rightly, you have to be converted to Christ. If you’re argued into Christ, you can be argued out of Him. If you’re converted to Him, nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.” — Doug Wilson, at the Desiring God Conference 2009

Let our evangelism and all our encounters with non-Christians be accompanied with much prayer. Without prayer, we merely seek to argue or convince people into Christianity. Christianity, however, is not something one can mentally assent to. Rather, it is an act by the Holy Spirit to transform a heart that once hated Christ into one that cherishes Him as Lord and Savior.


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  1. This came at perfect timing. Man, I gotta check out the DG Conference messages. Our hs youth group is currently by God’s providence, doing a series on Evangelism. Isn’t that crazy non-coincidence? Haha. My life has been EV more and more it seems too. Praise God. Thanks for sharing this key point of prayer and the crucial role of the Holy Spirit in transforming a person supernaturally. A much needed reminder to soak EV contact in prayer. Keep up the writing, it’s God-inspiring to me.

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