Tommy Lasorda Bleeds Doyer Blue   Leave a comment

Tommy Lasorda is a better candidate than most to have a portrait put up at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery; he is one of the best candidates in all of baseball because Lasorda, well, he is baseball. Just as much as Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson, Tommy Lasorda is synonymous with baseball (and the Dodgers). There have been legendary figures in the past who have done amazing things for the sport of baseball. Roberto Clemente was not only a great hitter, but he became a sports legend through his sacrificial charity. Branch Rickey was famous for developing the farm system that was the progeny of modern-day minor league systems. (He also played a very under-recognized part in integrating baseball as the man who signed Jackie Robinson). Tommy Lasorda was a lover of baseball. He lived and breathed baseball. The only thing he did not like about baseball was the San Francisco Giants. He is a modern day legend who has been an ambassador of the game throughout the world. He also has the greatest pro-Dodger quote of all time: “If you don’t love the Dodgers, you might not get to heaven.” Congratulations to Tommy Lasorda.


Posted September 22, 2009 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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