The Lawyer’s Prayer   1 comment

The Lawyer’s Prayer
By Sir William Blackstone, English Jurist and Legal Historian

Ordained to treat the thorny ground, where very few, I fear, are found;  mine be the conscience void of blame, the upright heart, the spotless name, the tribute of the widow’s prayer, the righted orphans grateful tear!

To virtue and her friends a friend, still may my voice the weak defend!

Ne’er may my prostituted tongue protect the oppressor in his wrong, nor wrest the spirit of the laws to sanctify the villains cause!

Let others with unsparing hand, enflame dissension, kindle strife, and strew with ills the path of life; on such her gifts let fortune shower, add wealth to wealth, and power to power; on me my favouring Heaven bestow that peace which good men only know, the joy of joys by few possess’d–the eternal sunshine of the breast!

Power, fame and riches resign the praise of honesty be mine, that friends may weep, the worthy sigh, and poor men bless me when I die.


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  1. ok very good

    Fundador Binahon

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