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“The longer I preach, the easier words get for me. I am a word-man now after 13 years of preaching and 6 years of teaching before that… Words are my trade. I minister by means of words and they come relatively easy for me. That’s dangerous. That’s incredibly dangerous. Because you can start preaching on mystery without standing in awe. And you can preach on purity without feeling pure. And you can preach on zeal without spiritual passion… You can preach on God’s holiness and not tremble. You can preach on sin without sorrow. You can preach on heaven without eagerness. And a terrible hardening moves into your life because you’re so good with this thing called words.”

“John Owen was the kind of person… who had climbed so high up the steeps of wonder revealed in the scriptures that he could pull his face up over the ridge to see the ridges. Most people are down here looking up at that first ridge carping at intellectuals trying to understand it. The people who really know how low they are are the ones that climb high enough in biblical revelation to see over the first ridge to the other ones that disappear into the clouds. These people down here who never got to the top of the first ridge–they might be a little impressed–but they haven’t even begun to see what Owens saw [when he climbed] and said, ‘I haven’t even touched it.'” — John Piper

The following are a couple of short videos of Francis Chan; peek in as he just stands in awe of the God who, without even sweating, created the earth that we know in 6 days.


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