I Hit Snooze And It Cost Me $70   Leave a comment

“I passed by the field of the sluggard and by the vineyard of the man lacking sense, and behold, it was completely overgrown with thistles; its surface was covered with nettles, and its stone wall was broken down. When I saw, I reflected upon it; I looked, and received instruction. ‘A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest,’ then your poverty will come as a robber and your wants like an armed man.” – Proverbs 24:30-34

This morning, I suffered a consequence of not heeding the wide counsel of this proverb. I had a flight to catch this morning in Baltimore at 10:35 AM. Despite numerous alarms, I did not wake up until around 7:15. Although this might seem to some to be plenty of time to travel the approximately 40 miles to BWI, time tables are much different when taking public transportation. I needed to get to the Metro station near my house by 8:05 so I could get to DC’s Union Station by 8:25 in order to catch the 8:30 MARC train to get to BWI by approximately 9:10. It was very important for me to be on time because, if I didn’t catch the 8:05 Red Line subway to Union Station, I would not be able to make it there by 8:25. And if I  couldn’t catch the 8:30 MARC train, the next one didn’t leave Union Station until 9:30 and I wouldn’t reach BWI until 10:10 which would make me a bit strapped for time in trying to catch my 10:35 to Albuquerque, NM—subsequently, I would miss my transfer flight to Oakland.

So, you can see—it was absolutely necessary for me to wake up early so I could make everything on time. Well, suffice it to say, I didn’t listen to Proverbs 24. I woke up at 7:15 and had not packed my bags yet. By the time I finished packing and ran over to my Metro station, it was 8:07 and I had missed my subway and my train and my flight and my transfer flight. So, was this the penalty of my slothfulness? Nope—I’m actually writing this somewhere above Texas, I think.

The ramification of my “little sleep” and my “little slumber”? I took a taxi to BWI, something which I hope to never do again. That taxi ride made my wallet $70 lighter. 70! If I thought I had the time to waste, I would’ve puked on the sidewalk after I paid my driver. But, there was no time for that. Fortunately, I made it to my gate with about 30 minutes to spare—and I thank God for His grace and for His discipline. He was so kind in allowing me a way to get there on time. And He was firm in His discipline to show me the folly of my slothfulness.

By the way, I was reminded this morning of the words I heard seemingly every week for four years sitting under the teaching of Dr. Richard L. Holland: “Sunday morning begins Saturday night.” That was the start of my folly—I stayed up until about 11:30 PM watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Stupid sharks! I can hear the voice of Rick right now: “Friday morning begins Thursday night.”

I learned my lesson the hard way—which seems to be my preferred method of learning pretty much all of my lessons. A little sleep is not worth it. A little slumber can hurt big time. A little folding of your hands and some taxi driver with a Yankees ball cap will reach into your pocket, dig through your wallet, and toss you on the curb $70 lighter.


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