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I was planning on writing this on the 4th of July but I’ve come down with a case of the flu (swine, bird, mad cow, lamb). And I was thinking that my 4th of July was pretty cruddy because I spent the entire day sleeping or awake wishing I was passed out. And to top it off, it replaced a possibly sorrier 4th of July plan of studying all day for my Evidence final exam. Then, as I was spending some time in God’s Word, I was reminded of how faithful God is to His people. Here are some quick and small examples of God’s graciousness to me that day. In Matthew 8, there are countless examples of God healing the sick and the ailing. In Genesis 8, God watched over Noah during the flood and His anger subsided with no one in the ark being harmed during the flood. Romans 8 reminded me that God sent Jesus Christ to accomplish what I could not in my sinful flesh. (No, it’s not just a coincidence that they are all Chapter 8… it’s a part of my reading plan. Lemme know if you want to know more about the reading plan. Kinda interesting.)

But, as I was reading those chapters, my mind was constantly brought back to the many words found in Philippians. In the letter, Paul speaks numerous times about giving “thanks” and about “praising” and about “rejoicing.” And Philippians 4:4 says, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” He goes on to write that it shows our reasonableness in lifting up our worries to God because He will grant us peace to guard our hearts. And I think the joy of the Lord overwhelmed the misery of my sickness to show me His kindness in my situation.

Yes, I was sick, but I could not let that overwhelm my sight from seeing the many graces in my life… God has granted me this day to live to honor Him. God has given me salvation–a right standing before Him so that I could live to please Him. God has granted me the opportunity to worship Him freely in the US. I only hope that the soothing balms of His many graces would dull the pain of my sickness. Ehh… worst case scenario, I’ll get better and continue to go on with my life. And best case scenario… I get to be with my God. 🙂

Dang… my mind really can’t focus to spend a solid 30 minutes studying. Argh… I need much grace for my final exam next Monday.


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