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“No one ever came to Christ because they knew themselves to be of the elect. It is quite true that God has of his mere good pleasure elected some to everlasting life, but they never knew it until they came to Christ. Christ nowhere invites the elect to come to Him. The question for you is not, am I one of the elect? But, am I one of the human race?” — Robert Murray McCheyne

The elect are chosen out of the human race, and, as McCheyne says, there is no one who will know that they are elect until … their election is made known to them through the revelation of the gospel upon their hearts. So, are you elect? Only if you believe? If you are not elect, you will not believe. But, if your heart is warm to the gospel of Jesus Christ, is sensitive to the truth of your sin, and is soft to turning to Christ in repentance… you are elect–actualize that election by believing and never turning back.


Posted July 2, 2009 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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