MacArthur calls out Piper and Mahaney about Driscoll   3 comments

We all knew this would happen sooner or later… (or I knew, at least).

That link explains MacArthur’s indignation that Piper and Mahaney, who have a sort of discipler role with Driscoll, have not rebuked him for his speech. One guy made a comment to this blog that, I think, have a sentiment that many of us share. This guy said, “You guys take yourselves way too seriously. You spend too much time worrying about a guy who is not your pastor… I find it comical that you are so worried about an expletive more than the general trajectory of ministry.”

Here is my response to his (and maybe some of your) concerns about MacArthur’s nitpicking criticism about Driscoll:

“I believe the word that MacArthur was speaking of was the use of “hell” near the end of his sermon. “Who the HELL do you think you are? You’re not God. You’re just a man–and you’re not an impressive man.” Some of you might not think it’s too big of a deal, and I’m kind of hedged on this issue.

“However, in response to Steve’s comment, the character of the shepherd matters a lot because his personal character will direct his ministry. The “general trajectory of ministry” is pretty solid so far, but the issue is the legacy of his ministry. By that I want to use an illustration from John Piper. Driscoll, if he is off, is only slightly off. However, that slight misdirection, taken 100 years from now, can lead someone horribly off course. It’s like drawing two lines that start at the same point and only diverge about a millimeter. However, if you take that line and continue to draw it out, the divergence will increase until they are far apart from one another. Leaders, elders, pastors–they are all held to a higher standard because of the influence they will have on others. If you open the door to sin just a crack, it can cause immeasurable sin to run rampant and unchecked in the body. Driscoll might not be doing anything horribly wrong by using words such as “hell” (as a curse-word, not as a destination for unregenerate sinners) or by speaking of sexual intercourse so descriptively, but it opens up a door for pastors five generations down the line who could potentially have no control of their speech or their lustful desires. Pastors, especially, should take the utmost effort to deny themselves of things that might not necessarily be sinful in order to remain “above reproach” (1 Timothy 3) and set a standard of purity and holiness for their church congregation and for future generations of church leaders.”


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3 responses to “MacArthur calls out Piper and Mahaney about Driscoll

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  1. I totally agree with you on the “legacy” issue. That would totally be a bummer if some Christian in the future totally blows out of proportion Driscoll’s use of certain words and leads others to do the same. I think he should publicly repent so that there would be no further question with his views regarding the matter – which according to Piper he regrets and tries not to do anymore.

  2. I’m not quite sure exactly what you mean by “legacy,” cause to me that sounds like it is about Marc Driscoll. My greater concern, which you spoke about, would be because of the great success that Driscoll has had, does this inspire more preachers to take that and run with it, and take it to a point where it is out of proportion.

    Saying “hell” in that context may shock people and make them pay attention, so some other pastor my take that and start swearing expletives on the pulpit.

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