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“I remember talking to a missionary one time who was back from Turkey and we were going out to eat. And we were ordering and he said, ‘You know what? You know what really gets me about being back in the States? The salad dressing. Just give me something that’s wet and makes the lettuce taste good. I don’t need to know about balsamic viniagarette and ranch and light ranch. There’s so many choices.’

“I read an author one time who said, ‘You’ll never see a happy kid at Toys ‘R Us.’ I think it’s true. You give a kid an empty box… ‘Whoo, a box!’ You go to Toys ‘R Us and he’ll say, ‘I want this. I want this.’ They’re overwhelmed by choices.

“The Latin word for ‘decide’ is ‘decidire.’ It means to cut off, which helps explain why decisions are hard for us. Because when you make a decision, you cut off. If you choose to do A, you are saying ‘no’ to B, C, D–so every decision hurts because you feel like ‘I’m saying yes to one thing and I’m saying no to six things.’ And as a consequence, we wend up making no choice at all. Because making no choice at all feels better than having to cut off choices. And if we do make a choice, we end up with buyers remorse. And we wonder if we settled for second best and we second guess ourselves and we end up living in our parents’ basement and we’re trying to find God’s voice and our parents want us to get a job and our freedom to do anything and go anywhere ends up being bondage.” — Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor at University Reformed Church (East Lansing, MI)

DeYoung’s words are piercing–given in a humours way–but piercing, nonetheless. We are called to act or, as his sermon is titled, to “Just Do Something.” The possibilities for people in our generation are endless. We are free to see who we want, to do what we want, and to become what we want. Yet, we have not achieved or accomplished nearly as much as those in prior generations who were greatly limited in their choices. And, for Christians, we are sometimes paralyzed with fear over not making the right decision–the correct decision that would most honor God. Yet, we forget that God is sovereign and God is in complete control, even over our decisions and the consequences of them. Therefore, in the words of DeYoung… just do something. Do something and understand that your decision cannot screw up the will of God. Whatever you do with the glory of God in mind will go towards the will of God of ultimately bringing Him utmost glory. Honor God by your actions–not by the kind of action you take, but by the mere act itself.


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