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“I LOVE YOU!!!” I just wanted to reminisce on an awesome memory from Grace. This is a picture of my small group (including my close, personal friend John MacArthur) that Estella took. After we took the picture, Dan Kim was excited and noticeably was having a hard time holding himself back. Then, he couldn’t keep it in any longer. He blurted out loud enough for anyone standing in the first dozen rows to hear: “I LOVE YOU!!!” MacArthur, a bit perplexed, turns around, looks wonderingly at Dan, and responds, “Thank you.” Dan had never been happier in his life, as he proudly repeated those words, “He said, ‘Thank you.'” HAHAHAHA… Now here is where I attempt to try to redeem this post by being a little serious. We all have spiritual heroes, and our spiritual heroes have spiritual heroes. There are the fathers of our faith who have done so much to broaden our understanding and appreciation of God. There are those who were at the beginning of our church history–men who penned, under divine inspiration, the New Testament: Paul, Peter, John. There are those throughout church history who have stood up and have been slain down for the truth: Augustine, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, John Owen and Jonathan Edwards (basically, name your kid John if you want them to be influential men of God). But I think that it is so awesome for us that some of our fathers of the faith–men whom we’d like to model our lives after–are still living among us. I recently got to hear Jerry Bridges preach, and it gave me goosebumps because… dude! That’s Jerry Freakin Bridges!!! I know Ed Chao was very impressed with Mark Dever and his expository skill (especially for getting most of his sermon on Revelation 6-7 correct). We have all been amazed at a man who barely had a high school education, lived for many years under the influence of narcotics, and can proclaim the truth with such conviction and such soul-piercing brokenness. (That’s CJ Mahaney, for those of you who didn’t follow.) One of my spiritual heroes has always been John Piper because, with Piper, it’s all about God receiving the glory and us receiving fullness of joy… in God. Al Mohler, Tim Keller, Steve Lawson, Joshua Harris (yayuh!), Randy Alcorn, Francis Chan, Rick Holland and even Mark Driscoll (for those of you who don’t think he’s totally crass and pagan). And don’t worry, I know, I didn’t forget the pastor whom Dan loved. The Pastor Whom Dan Loved has place a key part in each and every one of our spiritual developments. He has imparted to us a love of truth, a love of the Word, a conviction to stand up for the gospel, and a desire to carefully analyze Scripture verse by verse, word by word, iota by iota. All this goes to say that we’re so blessed to be around at a time when we can sit under the teaching of so many men of God, and we have the resources to hear them all proclaim truth. I know that there are some of you who wish you could stand up before The Pastor Whom Dan Loved or John Piper or Al Mohler and shout out your true emotions: “I love you!!!” As for me, that’s just kinda gay. So I’d rather have these…

Authentic Holland with Colossians 1:28-29. BOOYA!

Dr. Richard L. Holland

Although his signature is a bit sloppy, he did add a nice Romans 11:36 on there.

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

and finally…

Dr. John Piper

Dr. John Piper

The one, the only baseball ever autographed by John Piper. He even told me himself, after he laughed at me and thought in his head that I was a serious oddball. 🙂


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  1. haha thanks for the photo props. im sure someone else took a better photo of that…ill send u the copy i have if u dont have it.

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