Death, So Dear A Longing Of Mine   Leave a comment

Death, so dear a longing of mine.
To sin no more, no longer repine.
Not doing what I want, but doing what I hate.
Come now, Lord Jesus, and do not delay.
For in the presence of God my faith will be sight.
My sorrow turned joy, and the darkness made light.
My lust is destroyed, my pride is cast down.
For I come into the presence of the heavenly Crown.
My King, my Lord, my Savior, my God.
Before such holiness I gingerly trod,
For I am dirty and dark because of my sin.
“I paid for it all,” He beckons me in.
Just brimming with joy, I cling to Him tight.
I finished the race and fought the good fight.
Never again to leave my great Love.
Forever with Him, the God from above.
Beholding His radiance, in awe of His glory.
This is the climax of my life’s long story.
And death, so dear a longing of mine.
Worshipping forever on the heavenly shrine.


Posted January 25, 2007 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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