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The Christmas holidays are a joyous season. First and foremost for Christians, it commemorates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Adding to the joy are the lights, the colors, and the cheerful faces buying and receiving gifts from and for loved ones. But beyond all the festivities, this Christmas season brought another reason for many of the brothers in my life to celebrate: girls. Well, girl, in particular. Several of my closest brothers found that special girl and started dating. Some others were engaged while one even took the his special girl to be his special bride.

As you might have guessed, this got me to think about girls.

And talking to some of my brothers made me think about girls even more.

What about these girls attracted these guys? And the answers are two-fold and are generally the same for all Christian men. She is lovely and she loves the Lord.

The first one I can understand. Lovely, attractive, cute, hot, stunning, etc. All men can understand that because God has wired men to be attracted to a woman who is attractive. (Let me clarify that attractiveness and loveliness speak not only of physical beauty, but a compatibility of personalities.)

The second reason, however, is a bit harder to understand. She loves the Lord. But what does that look like? What are the tangible evidences that I can grasp? Loveliness is easy: She has a nice smile, a great sense of humor, and a kind disposition. But how can you know about a woman’s love for God? Or many might even question whether it’s important that she loves God at all?

The rest of my writing is dedicated to delving into the Scriptures and sit under the teachings of God on this subject. Is it important that a woman loves God? How can I discern a woman’s love for God?

The Bible is clear on this subject and is replete with answers about the kind of girl that should attract a God-centered man. And it centers on this verse in Proverbs 31:30: “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

Men, we must realize the importance of a God-fearing woman and stretch to find such a one. Only then will we find a woman who is worthy of praise. And she shall be praised.


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