On the Nature of Saving Works   Leave a comment

What role do works play in the general picture of salvation? Salvation is of grace, for sure, but there are works involved that cannot be ignored. Belief is a work! Trust is a work! Repentance is a work! How is that not salvation by works? The mind-blowing truth about works in salvation is this: works that flow from a saved heart is not the initiative of a person to earn favor with God but the response of a person who has been overwhelmed by salvific grace. Christian works springs forth from the overflow of a heart as it is met with grace. What an amazing truth! There is a work that condemns, but there is also a work that can save. This saving work occurs at the cross, when one is compelled by the glory of God to good. This is not because someone saw the greatness of God and wanted to earn that prize. Rather, the works come forth because one saw the greatness of God and the delight of his life was to remain with that great God. Every pure desire of a Christian and every subsequent pure action glorifies God because it’s His desire and His example; one’s acting in such a way is only a reaction to meeting Him at the cross.



Posted January 10, 2007 by Mitchell J. Kim in Uncategorized

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